Birthday Wish List

Hi there! My birthday is coming up on June 7th and I just wanted to share my Amazon wish list with you all. Clothes, shoes, gadgets, summer fun. You don’t have to buy me any gifts but if you want to…check out my birthday list on Amazon!

  1. Blue/White tassle bikini
  2. Blue/White checkered bikini
  3. Blue/White Polka Dot Ruffle Dress
  4. Tie-Front Cut Out Dress
  5. Floral Print Mini Dress
  6. Green Skater Button Down Dress
  7. How to Skimm Your Life
  8. Tripod Stand 
  9. GoPro
  10. T3 Blow Dryer
  11. Becoming Michelle Obama



  1. Margarita floatie
  2. Rainbow cloud drink holder floatie
  3. Rose floatie
  4. Swan floatie
  5. APL TechLoom Breeze Sneakers

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