All Denim On Sale

In honor of Old Navy having 50% off jeans today only (Saturday, August 3) I wanted to share some of my favorite pairs from this retailer.


All of these pairs of jeans are the super skinny rockstar denim collection and true to size – I wear a size 4



IMG_7474 (1)







No code needed for 50% off automatically taken off

If you would like to see more of my Old Navy favorites, check out this blog post

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Old Navy Favorites

I am an Old Navy fan, but I wasn’t for a while, I felt their pieces were too basic and uniform for me but I was wrong. They have some really cute pieces, especially for athleisure and denim.

So I have gathered some of my favorite picks, both pieces I own and pieces that are in my wishlist.

Happy shopping!

Pieces I own:

V-Neck Maxi Dress 


Striped Ruffle-Trim Blouse 



High-Rise Button-Fly Twill Shorts 


High-Rise Secret-Slim Button-Fly Flare Ankle Rockstar Jeans 




Medium Support Strappy Sports Bra


Printed High-Rise Compression Leggings


Items on my wishlist

Striped Blouse


Super-Long Duster



Super Skinny  Jeans



Pintucked V Neck Blouse 



High-Rise Denim 



High-Rise Elevate Leggings 



Cowboy Boots and Cut Offs

Cowboy boots, cut offs, corn dogs and beer, with photo shoots and the gravitron (which I will never ever ever ride again) on the side.

Here are some photos from all the craziness that occurred, we even took a trip to Area 51

Tuesday night I attended with my girl Summer Barker and got to see EnVogue for free!


Side note: This photo won me and my girl some BackStreet  Boys tickets


Magic hour is the best hour


Just a girl in her element


Sit on that hay but make it blogger fashion


No need to go to Area 51…the aliens are already here


Outfit details:

Top: Old (cute striped tops here , here, here, this one, cutest tank, here

Denim shorts: Forever21

Sunglasses: Target 

Day Two: Wednesday – Attended with my mom to see Clay Walker unfortunately did not get any photos except for about two. I did have the great opportunity to be live on the local 209 Magazine‘s livestream at the fair, I am friends with a lot of the team members of this amazing magazine so that was a lot of fun.


Shout out to Loud Eddie and the entire 209 Magazine crew


Waiting for the legend Clay Walker – he put on one of the best shows at the fair in years

Dress: Old (Purchased at Target years ago) Similar here

Boots: Purchased at a boot shop in Dallas, Texas – similar ones here, here, here


Third and final night: This was the second to the last night. I was pretty exhausted but managed to get it together for the food and 98 Degrees


Isn’t my mamma beautiful?

Jumpsuit: Forever21 – similar ones below

Amazon: here and here

Lulu’s: here here here

Mom’s top: Old Navy


The fair was a blast, hot, but a blast!

Until next year…..

Note: If you would like to see my roundup of my ideal fair looks, check out my post here

It’s Fair Time Again

The best 10 days inn my little big town are finally here. The county fair is in town with all the fried food you can think of, free (with price of admission) concerts including the amazing girl group that shaped so much of my teenage years, TLC, country legend Clay Walker and even 98 Degrees. You know you are getting up there in age when artists you used to listen to when you were younger are performing at your county fair. But anyway, on to the good stuff. The clothes!!

One thing I love to do at the fair is people watch, especially to see what everyone is wearing, or not wearing, in the case of where I live because usually the weather is pretty hot during the fair so the less the better.

This year I have my eye on off-the-shoulder tops with distressed denim shorts or sexy skinny jeans and a cute pair of wedges, cowboy boots or even sandals. Although I recommend not going the sandal route because you are basically walking around in dirt the entire time.

Also, cute, simple loose dresses are on my radar as well. Something easy that will go with my red cowboy booties I picked up in Dallas, Texas! I have yet to actually go shopping for my outfits for fair nights (I am planning on going at least twice!), but here are some options I absolutely love.

I will be sharing by retailer and will also be including some local boutiques which are shoppable via Instagram.

Local Boutiques (Turlock, CA)

(Items available to order via Instagram)

Bijou Turlock (



Both items above are located in Bijou Turlock’s Instagram story highlight, “In Stock”

Glitz Fine Clothing (Instagram)




Envy Fine Clothing (Instagram)


Ruffle Denim Jumpsuit 


Cheetah Tank


Introshoppe (INSTAGRAM)


Animal Print Side Cut Out 


Forever21 – My go-to for anything that is for one night and one night only.


Striped Off-the-Shoulder Top  


Geo Print Crop Top – I am really liking this top for the fair to see TLC on Tuesday

IMG_7128Crinkled Floral Lace Crop Top

IMG_7129 (1)

Striped Flounce-Hem Tank Top 



Sleeveless Ruffle Tank Top Blouse 


I love a good romper 


Romper with Pockets 


Peplum Cami 

Pink Lily Boutique


Animal Print Tank


Won’t Wait Forever


Under the Neon Moon 


Notice My Love Sage Blouse 


Note: I do not make any money off of these purchases except when you use my Amazon links. Thank you so much for reading and following along!

You Only Turn 35 Once

Yes, I am officially 35. I know, I  know, I do not look it and I take that as a compliment because it means I have a young spirit and I am all about that mmkay? No but seriously, I had a lowkey but exciting birthday! The weekend before my birthday I went to San Diego for a quick whirlwind trip for the Run Rock N Roll San Diego half marathon. To learn more about that race, click here . I made a new friend, raced my heart out and had a blast!


The week of my birthday was pretty busy with the end of the regular school year, my mom having surgery and the start of working summer school. Whew! But I was able to have a few hours to celebrate with my girlfriends with some food and brews at my favorite spot in Turlock, Dustbowl Brewery  and then walked around downtown and got some amazing photos. My friend Summer is a photographer/makeup artist/hair stylist and an amazing person! Every time we hang out it turns into a photo shoot which I love because I used to model. Here are some shots from that day.


Jumpsuit is Forever 21 and you will not believe how much I paid for it! So I was looking for either a backless romper or a two-piece crop and pant outfit. So obviously I was so excited to find this romper at Forever21, even more happy when I found out it was on clearance….why no one had already snatched it up I have no clue..guess it was meant for me. But I have not gotten to the best part. So not only was it on clearance, it was an EXTRA 50% OFF!!!! Yes!!! I purchased this romper for $7.50 if you can believe it!!! I’m all about the deals and saving money so I was beyond elated!! (I unfortunately could not locate the romper online, however I will link similar items below).

I love these ladies! No matter what was going on in their personal lives they still made sure to come out for my birthday and help me celebrate. Find you friends like this and you will never be alone again.


But this wasn’t all. On the day of  my birthday I worked in the morning and then just hung out at home until it was time for dinner with my parents. But I did receive these oh so cute flowers from my girl Dana – she had the flowers shaped like a puppy and the resemblance to my Bambam is uncanning.

Yes, I wore the same romper from lunch with my friends on my birthday. Hey, it was two days apart okay? The photo in the purple romper was a couple days later with my favorite human ever, my niece Kendall Grace.

For dinner we went to a popular downtown restaurant, 10 East and enjoyed some happy hour drinks and pizza. I have been on a fancy schmancy pizza kick lately. Pizza Hut just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Per tradition, my father and I went to the Giants game. I was so excited because it was a Giants vs. Dodgers game and if you know baseball then you know this is one of the biggest rivalries in baseball. Although we were surrounded by Dodgers fan (at Oracle “AT&T” Park) and we lost, I had a blast. We stopped at Red’s Java House, there may be java in the name, but I did not see a single person drinking any kind of java, it was all brews and booze. My pops and I decided to try the paloma tequila cocktail and guys, I found my new summer drink. Grapefruit, tequila and all the fixings, it was so delicious. I also had a burger on a whole roll of authentic San Francisco french bread and guys, it. was. amazing. Alllll the carbs!!!



I wish I could say that we ate and drank our way through the game but if you know me, you know there was no food eaten, especially after this colossal of a sandwich.

All in all I had a blast of a birthday, it was more lowkey then I was used to but was able to spend it with those I love and isn’t that what it was all about?



Striped rompers:


Amazon 2 




Birthday Wish List

Hi there! My birthday is coming up on June 7th and I just wanted to share my Amazon wish list with you all. Clothes, shoes, gadgets, summer fun. You don’t have to buy me any gifts but if you want to…check out my birthday list on Amazon!

  1. Blue/White tassle bikini
  2. Blue/White checkered bikini
  3. Blue/White Polka Dot Ruffle Dress
  4. Tie-Front Cut Out Dress
  5. Floral Print Mini Dress
  6. Green Skater Button Down Dress
  7. How to Skimm Your Life
  8. Tripod Stand 
  9. GoPro
  10. T3 Blow Dryer
  11. Becoming Michelle Obama



  1. Margarita floatie
  2. Rainbow cloud drink holder floatie
  3. Rose floatie
  4. Swan floatie
  5. APL TechLoom Breeze Sneakers

5 More Minutes Please….

I am honestly never ready, for anything. I am the type of girl who has to put her makeup on in the car, trying to find the perfect shoes when I should have been out the door already, and just never has anything to wear but I always show up with an iced coffee in hand, I consider it extremely important to my brand, or style or whatever.

I should have started this blog long time ago but you guessed it, I wasn’t ready. But with some help from the Queen herself, Rachel Hollis, I finally decided it was time. It was time to share my beautifully curated closet of the perfect basics and statement pieces and the perfect shoe for every outfit and every occasion. Ha not even close. I have a day job but I am smart with my money when it comes to clothes. I love a good sale and I will try to figure out how to wear old pieces new ways in an attempt to spice up my wardrobe. My style is all over the place. One day I look like I spent hours in the gym when in a way I did, except it was outside hitting the pavement on one of my runs as I train for my next half or full marathon or I am casual chic, jeans, a cute sweater or button down thermal and a boot then there are those days that no matter where I am going I want to be decked out. Dress, heels, hair done, full face of makeup….I go all out. You honestly have no idea what you are going to get with me, which keeps it fun don’t you think?



So this is what this blog will be, a collection of my outfits, what I am loving at the moment and all of the things! I am so excited to start this journey with you, my readers, that I babbled on for way too long but thank you so so much for following along and reading, it means the absolute world to me, it really truly does. Besides, I am just a California girl trying to make it in a state that is just swarming with amazing and beautiful bloggers so I am just very appreciative.


Follow along on my style journey on Instagram, @almostneverready and feel free to send me an email or DM so we can chat and become friends.

Thanks again and here is to hopefully 5 more minutes to get that eyeliner just right.


First photo:

Distressed Denim Jacket: Forever 21 – Looks like they do not have the jacket on the site but I went ahead and linked directly to the distressed denim jackets they do have

Second Photo:

Same distressed denim jacket as first photo

Yellow strapless ruffle dress – A local boutique, Bijou – they can be found on Instagram under Bijouturlock

Wedges – Old – I do not remember when or where I purchased.

Third Photo:

Top to Bottom:

Aviators: Forever21 while on a trip to Hawaii

Off-the-Shoulder ruffle pinstriped jumpsuit: Forever21 (Not in stock)

Zip Up Dress worn as Kimono: Old unfortunately