Easter Under Quarantine

Our lives might be flipped upside down right now and we are still getting used to our new “normal”. But that does not mean we can’t celebrate one of the most religious holidays of the year, Easter.

Here are some ideas to make it the best you can.

Away from family? Not able to see your little nieces and nephews hunt for Easter eggs? Me neither. Why not use Zoom or FaceTime to help them find all those plastic eggs filled with all the goodies. You can get all your family in on it and spend it together virtually. This way you can feel as though you are there all the while maintaining that 6 feet of social distancing.

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Speaking of egg hunts, just you and the parents or roommates ? Make it fun and adult friendly. Hide eggs or have your roommates hide those plastic eggs with those little bottles of alcohol – alcohol is essential and should be available at your local grocery or liquor store. And then have a chugging contest after you find them all!! *Please drink responsibly*

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Was planning on having a big Easter dinner? Order in from your favorite local restaurant. A lot of local restaurants where I am have family dinners to go. Usually you will have to order ahead to ensure you will be able to snag a dinner but it saves you from having to go to the grocery store and pray they have what you need and you support a struggling local business. Plus you get bomb food! Win – Win!

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Want to make sure you are able to experience church even though you can’t be there in person? Check your local ministry or church’s website for a livestream. Churches all across the country are turning to livestream their service to ensure their congregation is still able to serve their Lord (or whoever your Higher Power is) during this time. Take this time to truly listen to what is being said and shared with you, to pray, meditate and allow the meaning behind Easter to overcome your heart and soul.

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If you are able to get out to the store, for essentials of course, perhaps purchase some flowers for some of your neighbors. They are all in the same boat and unable to be with all of their loved ones and are all struggling. Flowers or a small gift will mean so much and really brighten their day.

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Another fun idea that will spread joy and could involve the entire neighborhood is you can do a neighborhood egg hunt (with your neighbor’s permission of course). Hide eggs around your neighborhood with candy, treats, gift cards and/or money inside. It would be so much fun for the kids in your area to go on a little scavenger hunt and be able to enjoy a little treat in the process. And what is better than seeing a child full of joy during such an uncertain difficult time?

I hope this helps give you some ideas to celebrate Easter in our new “normal”. But most importantly, stay safe, stay home and stay healthy.